Referandom is a policy-oriented social platform


Easily understand any piece of legislation being considered by GNAT or Municipal Councils of Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara.


Vote bills, proposals, and motions discussed in the parliament.


Tell your representative what should they do by explaining your reasons about the issue.


Follow up the status of motions that you’d voted. Compare public opinion and decision of the parliament.


CDR founded by a group of young lawyers, technologists, and political scientists.

Kadir Yağız Çetin


Selen Öncüloğlu

Product Director

Arda Ozan Sirkeci

Research Director

Yusuf Emre Şerali

VP & Content Director

Görkem Savaşeri

Project Director

Hilal Merve Yılmaz

Creative Director

Pınar Konak

Video Marketing Intern

Code of Conduct

While conducting its projects, Center for Democracy Research (CDR);

• Adopts a non-partisan attitude, while being independent of any political party. Does not establish a material relationship with a politician or political party, under any circumstances.

• Embraces different world views with a pluralistic approach, excluding permission for actions that contradict with the nonpartisan attitude stated in the former article.

• Does not use vocabulary or discourse that is associated with any country, religion, ethnicity, race, or ideology.

• May prioritize disadvantaged groups, without harming the principle of neutrality.

• Strictly prohibits any kind of intra-organization discriminatory behaviour.

• In line with these principles, CDR and people representing CDR do not exhibit discriminating behaviour against any colleague on the basis of ethnic identity, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or appearance.

• Chooses each organization carefully in line with these values.

• Shows zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

Stops working with partners and people who do not comply with these values.