Code of Conduct

While conducting its projects, Center for Democracy Research (CDR);

• Adopts a non-partisan attitude, while being independent of any political party. Does not establish a material relationship with a politician or political party, under any circumstances.

• Embraces different world views with a pluralistic approach, excluding permission for actions that contradict with the nonpartisan attitude stated in the former article.

• Does not use vocabulary or discourse that is associated with any country, religion, ethnicity, race, or ideology.

• May prioritize disadvantaged groups, without harming the principle of neutrality.

• Strictly prohibits any kind of intra-organization discriminatory behaviour.

• In line with these principles, CDR and people representing CDR do not exhibit discriminating behaviour against any colleague on the basis of ethnic identity, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or appearance.

• Chooses each organization carefully in line with these values.

• Shows zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

Stops working with partners and people who do not comply with these values.